Please note, this room has adult themes, and not recommended for those under 14, however, this is at parent discretion.

Also be advised, this room contains live actors.

The Mission

The cure for the Plague was highly effective, Unity Pharmaceuticals was lauded as the saviors of humanity.

However, it soon became apparent that the cure had an unfortunate side-effect. 

In a small number of cases, it caused paranoia, insanity and violent tendencies. 

An already wounded society turned to their recent saviors and forced Unity Pharmaceuticals to turn their labs into asylums to treat those affected. 

You work at one of those asylums. 

The patients have taken control.  As per emergency protocol, the asylum has gone into lockdown.  The system is running on an emergency backup generator. You have 60 mins to escape before the power runs out and the cell doors open. Can you escape before your former patients are freed?

Prepare to be scared.

The inmates have taken over the asylum. Can you escape before they find you? Are you brave enough to face the horrors that await you inside the insane mind?


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