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We create experiences for those seeking to live out the life of adventure and mystery.

Enigma’s escape room games are specially designed to be suitable for all levels, so whether you’re a beginner or an escape room veteran, you’ll enjoy the experience. Our rooms do vary in difficulty so if you’re looking for something extremely challenging or you’d like something easier for younger or inexperienced players, we can recommend the right game for your group.

Our escape rooms are suitable for all ages, however, in many of our rooms, the puzzles and themes are quite sophisticated and may be unsuitable for children under 12. We do, however, have a small selection of rooms specifically designed for children aged 8-13 years. Explore the rooms we have available online or get in touch for more information.



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5-star rated escape experiences, with challenging and varied puzzles.


Difficulty rating: HARD

Plague will be closed temporarily between 27th Sept 2019 – 1st January 2020

A deadly plague is sweeping across the globe, killing people in their millions. The world’s leading scientists are all striving to find a cure. Unity Pharmaceuticals have sent out an urgent request for help. Can you solve the clues to uncover the cure that will save humanity?

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Young Guns (Kids Escape Room)

Difficulty rating: EASY

You’ve been wrongly accused of a crime you didn’t commit and now find yourself behind bars. Fortunately, you have a friend to help you. To escape, you need to help the 4 members of the jury by completing a series of puzzles and tasks in just one hour, before the sheriff returns!

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Prison Break

Difficulty rating: MEDIUM

You’ve been found guilty of a crime that you didn’t commit. Sat in your prison cell you have nothing to do but contemplate twenty years behind bars. However, a supporter who believes your innocence has arranged a way for you to escape if you can work out the clues.

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Difficulty rating: MEDIUM

The cure for the Plague was highly effective, however, it soon became apparent that in a small number of cases, it caused paranoia, insanity and violent tendencies. An already wounded society turned to Unity Pharmaceuticals to treat those affected. You work at one of their asylums. The patients have taken control and the asylum has gone into lockdown, running on emergency power. The power runs out in 60 mins. Can you escape before your former patients are freed?

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Asylum is coming to Enigma this Halloween, 1st Oct - 14th Nov.

Available for 6 weeks only, Asylum is now available to book. Live actors, darkness, jump scares and puzzles, what more could you ask for at Halloween?

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Kind words from some of our recent successful escapees and those who didn't quite make it.

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